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Most lawyers charge for 1-hour consults.  With us, shorter phone calls mean you never pay for more than what you need.

You can speak with a lawyer about court procedures, legal terms, and legal information.

You get common sense answers based on legal experience, i.e., “legal sense.”

$60 for 25 mins.

What Happens on the Call

  1. Introduction:  You’ll briefly tell us about yourself: What county are you in? Are you married? Do you have kids?
    1. Your Status:  Do you have a current court order?  Do you have an already-scheduled court date coming up?  Are you taking someone to court or is someone else taking you to court?
      1. Your Goals:  Why are you looking for legal help right now?  What do you want to accomplish?  What is the time frame by which you are hoping to accomplish them?
        1. Your Questions:  We’ll provide our best responses to your questions, based on our common sense and legal experience.  However, we are not your lawyers.  You can’t hire us to represent you.
          1. Our Resources:  We’ll review what resources are available to you through My Court Coach and answer any questions you have about our products & services.
            1. Next Steps:  We do not represent clients in court, and we do not enter into attorney-client relationships.  Let us know how you want My Court Coach to help, and we’ll start you on your path to winning in court.

            The Coaching Call is not legal advice nor a legal consultation.

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