Book Your 15-Minute Exploratory Call

The purpose of the Exploratory Call is to help you decide how much help you want from us.  Your two options are:

Do It Yourself Library - Free

  • Video tutorials on every family law topic
  • Demonstrations on how to fill out paperwork
  • Templates to use in court
  • Worksheets to prepare for court
  • Checklists to plan your evidence
  • Scripts so you know what to say in court
  • Audio clips so you can learn while on the move

DIY Library & Coaching - Small Fee

  • Everything in our extensive FREE library of resources, plus…
  • Submit questions to your coach
  • Join the conference coaching call
  • Hear your coach’s response to your question
  • Get help finding resources in the library
  • Join the private community forum

What Happens on the Call?

There’s nothing you need to prepare before the call.  It’s quite simple.  Here’s how a typical Exploratory Call goes…

  1. Introduction:  You’ll briefly tell us about yourself: What county are you in? Are you married? Do you have kids?
    1. Your Status:  Do you have a current court order?  Do you have an already-scheduled court date coming up?  Are you taking someone to court or is someone else taking you to court?
      1. Your Goals:  Why are you looking for legal help right now?  What do you want to accomplish?  What is the time frame by which you are hoping to accomplish them?
        1. Your Time & Talents:  Do you have the inclination, time, and ability to put in the necessary effort to accomplish your goals?
          1. Your Questions:  We’ll review what resources are available to you through My Court Coach and answer any questions you have about our products & services.
            1. Next Steps:  Let us know how you want My Court Coach to help, and we’ll start you on your path to winning in court.

            Keep in mind the Exploratory Call is not a legal consultation.  We can’t offer any legal advice on the call. 

            Ready to Book Your Exploratory Call?