No Lawyer?

No Problem.

Now You Can Prepare & Present a Winning Court Case… Without a Lawyer

Soon, You’ll Be Presenting a Case in Court, and You’ve Just GOT to Win.

You’ve got a lot riding on this.

A lot on the line.

People are counting on you.

You are counting on you.

And that’s why you just have to win.

Not only that, but you deserve to win.

You’re in the right.

Truth and justice are on your side.

You’ve heard your whole life that “truth will prevail.”

And that’s something you believe in.


This is court we’re talking about.

And there’s no doubt about it…

Sometimes the good guy loses in court.

Sometimes it’s not about “right” or “wrong.”

In court, sometimes it’s about who has the most money.

Sometimes the courts get things wrong.

There’s plenty of injustice to go around.

Judges and juries and human – they make mistakes.

They make a lot of mistakes.

But you can’t let your case be one of those mistakes.

You MUST win.

That’s Why You’re Terrified of Losing.

You stay up at night thinking about your case.

Thinking about all the evidence you have on your side.

You say to yourself, “If I just have a chance to tell my side of the story, they’ll see that I’m telling the truth, that I’m right.”

And then comes the thought that haunts you: “But how do I tell my story?”

It’s one thing to tell your friends, family, even strangers what’s going on.

But it’s a whole different experience telling your story in court.

In court, there are rules that you have to follow.

In court, you if you say just one thing the wrong way…it could be misinterpreted and screw up your entire case.

What if the judge won’t let me say what I want to say because it’s hearsay?

What if the judge won’t look at my evidence?

What if the judge doesn’t see that the other side is lying?

What if the judge doesn’t understand how cruel and sneaky the other side is?

What if…

…your list of worries goes on and on.

It’s this risk, the uncertainty, that really tears at you.

The possibility that you could lose…that’s the worst part of waiting for your court hearing.

But You Won’t Let That Happen.  You’re Way Too Determined.

That’s why you’re not just laying around doing nothing.

You’re not one to just twiddle your thumbs and watch the world go by.

You’re the type of person who will make things right.

You’re a doer.

You’re a go-getter.

You’re not going to give up.

You’re going to put up a fight.

You will do everything in your power to prepare the best case for court.

You will put in the work, the time, the effort, the long nights…to make sure you win your court case.

That’s Exactly What Brought You Here – to Equip Yourself With the Ability to Win.

You’re here because you are going to give yourself the best chance at winning in court.

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

You aim to succeed.

Because there’s no second place in court.

You either win or you lose.

And you don’t intend to lose.

So you’ve been searching online for the best resources to help you.

You’re looking for every bit of information and knowledge you can find.

You need help.

And once you find it, you will take full advantage of it.

And that’s exactly what led you to me.

Your Court Case Doesn’t Need to End in Defeat.

Hi, my name is Tate Lounsbery.

I’m a California trial attorney, and I want to show you how to win in court.

Just as in sports, the team that scores the most points wins.

In court, it’s the party that presents the strongest case that wins.

In football, the game is divided into:

  • offense,
  • defense, and
  • special teams.

A team that’s good in all 3 phases of the game has the best chance to win.

In court, a case is divided into:

  • opening statement,
  • direct examination,
  • cross examination, and
  • closing argument.

You have to present a strong case in all 4 phases of trial.

I can show you how to present a strong, persuasive case in court.

Here’s Your Solution

If you don’t have a lawyer and you plan to represent yourself in court, I have a solution for you.

My online program shows you how to prepare and present your best case in court.

The program is patterned off of what is taught in “trial preparation” classes and clinics in law schools throughout the United States.

I call it the “Full Court Preps.”

Empower Yourself

Gain the ability to:


Frustrate the opposing party


Get your judge to hear your evidence (so many people screw this up)


Make the right objections to disrupt the opposing party's case


Capture the judge's attention...and heart


Make a winning closing argument


Earn the respect of your judge


And much, much more!

Why You Need This

  • Level the playing field with an opposing lawyer
  • Gain an advantage over an opposing party
  • Impress the judge with your preparation & courtroom skills
  • Fumbling around in court makes your case look weak
  • Lack of know-how makes you an easy target

Learn From An Award-Winning Trial Lawyer

Attorney Tate Lounsbery condenses what he’s learned in almost 20 years of trial work into an easy-learning platform.


Inducted into the Order of Barristers while still in law school


Voted a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers


10.0 Avvo Rating


Now reveals tips of the trade

What Others Say About Us

“This was a tremendous help.  Thank you very much.  Tell all my friends about it.  You guys are doing a great service for the community.”

D. Camarena

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The Full Court Preps show you what to do & say



The Top 7 Mistakes Pro Per Parties Make & How to Avoid Them


Trial Prep Checklist


Complete Guide to Present Your Case in Court


What You Get

46 expert lessons designed to help you prepare & present your case


How They’re Delivered

Audio-based tutorials with text supplements

What’s Included

Printable handouts: templates, checklists & worksheets

Courses Length

Finish the courses within the week

Your Access Duration

24/7/365 lifetime membership access

Provider of All Courses

An award-winning trial lawyer

What’s Inside?

The 7 Mistakes Pro Per Parties Make & How to Avoid Them includes:


Trial Preparation


Argument vs. Evidence


Introducing Evidence


Proper Use of Witnesses


Proper Objections


Closing Argument

The Trial Prep Checklist includes:


Checklist Introduction


Know What Needs to be Proved


Know the Burden of Proof


Doing Legal Research


Choosing Your Witnesses


Planning Your Evidence


Preparing Your Witnesses


Finalizing Your Checklist

The Complete Guide to Presenting Your Case in Court includes:

Rules of Evidence


Introductory Remarks


Legal Definitions




Character Evidence & Witness Credibility




Witnesses & Opinions


Hearsay & Non-Hearsay


Hearsay Exceptions


And much more!



Making Objections


Responding to Objections


List of Objections with Explanations



About Exhibits


Introducing Exhibits into Evidence



Purpose of Direct Examination


Types of Witnesses


Preparing Your Witnesses


Direct Examination Ground Rules


How to Conduct Direct Examination


Circumstantial vs Direct Evidence


Purpose of Cross Examination


Facts vs Conclusions/Opinions


How to Conduct Cross Examination

Trial Strategy


Introduction to Trial Strategy


Closing Argument


Opening Statement

Just $199

You’ll Love Us

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Just $199



Easy E-Learning Format


All Course Material in Both Audio & Text


Real-world Examples Help You Apply the Law to Your Case


Worksheets & Cheat Sheets You Can Print & Use in Court


Take One Lesson At A Time, Whenever You Want


Once You Understand One Concept, Move on to the Next


Go Back and Review Any Lesson, Any Time


Accessible on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Condensed Learning Structure Provides You With Everything You Need to Succeed…Without Any Fluff

For any type of case:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • DV & TROs
  • Traffic Ticket
  • Small Claims

Just $199

Works in Every State

These courses have helped people from all across the U.S.—they will help you too.

You’ll learn how to prepare your case for trial in the same way law schools across the country teach law students, regardless of what state they are in.

The course material focuses on federal rules, not state rules. Learning the federal rules works for law students, and it’ll work for you!

Plus, you’ll be able to apply what you learn in any legal setting where you present a case with evidence and testimony.

Just $199

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Just $199


Just $199

Where else can I get the help I need?
We don’t know of any other resource like ours.
Will this work in my state?

Yes.  The course material applies broadly, to any hearing or court case where evidence is submitted or testimony given.  It will help you wherever your case is, in any court in the country.  The laws in your state may vary from the material presented here, but will be close enough to be of great benefit.

How long will it take me to get through the courses?
If you speed through everything, you can do it in a couple hours, but we recommend you give yourself more time to work on the material: 1 – 7 days.  However, you have full access to the courses from the moment you purchase, so you can go through them as quickly or as slowly as you like.
Will the courses really help me?
Yes.  They contain information, instructions, examples, and explanations you will need.  But it’s up to you to commit the time to learning and applying what you learn.
What is the teaching method?
All the material is presented in both audio and text format.  There are no videos, which keeps your cost low.
Why are you doing this?

Millions of people who should have won their court case, didn’t…simply because they didn’t know how to win. We want to fix that.

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