For the Legal Document Preparer, Assistant or Technician

Maximize Revenue!

Add a Digital Product to Your Services!

You Help Your Clients with Court Paperwork,

But Who Helps Them…

  • Decide who should testify in court?

  • Prepare witnesses to testify in court?

  • Plan witness testimony?

  • Know what questions to ask opposing witnesses?

  • Make sure they don’t forget to present specific evidence?

  • Know how to introduce exhibits?

  • Know how to make a proper objection?

  • Easily understand the Rules of Evidence?

  • Know the elements of a persuasive closing argument?

  • And so much more!

We Can Help!

Our “Full Court Preps” Provide Your Clients:

  • Rules of Evidence Cheat Sheets to Use in Court

  • Scripts for Introducing or Objecting to Evidence

  • Worksheets for Planning Order of Witnesses and Evidence Presentation

  • Handouts to Give to Witnesses Inexperienced with Testifying

  • Helpful for Any Courtroom in Any State in the U.S.

  • All Presented in Easy-to-Use Text & Audio Format

  • And Much, Much More!

The Full Court Preps Help Self-Represented Litigants:


Design a winning trial strategy


Organize their evidence


Prepare their witnesses


Know exactly what to say in court


Present a strong case to the judge


Defend against legal attacks by the opposing party


The Top 7 Mistakes Pro Per Parties Make & How to Avoid Them

Trial Prep Checklist

Complete Guide to Presenting Your Case in Court

All Included

Here’s How You Profit…and Still Save Your Clients Money!

The “Full Court Preps” is our celebrated, easy-to-use, online program that shows pro se parties how to prepare and present a strong case in court, just as a seasoned trial lawyer would.  The program retails at $199.

But you can now buy vouchers for the Full Court Preps in bulk, at wholesale prices, and sell them to your clients at the retail price you choose.

Show Your Clients More Love

Want to show your clients you appreciate them?  Give your clients the Full Court Preps as a Thank You Gift for using your services.  Or offer the Full Court Preps as an incentive for purchasing your services. 


What Your Customers Get

46 online guides to help them prepare & present their case in court


Program Delivery

Audio- and text-based guides


What’s Included

Bonus printable handouts: cheat sheets, checklists & scripts


Program Length

The Full Court Preps program can be finished within a week


Customer Access Duration

24/7/365 lifetime membership access


Provider of All Courses

An award-winning trial lawyer

What You Get


Our wholesale packages of vouchers allow you to give unqiue activation codes to your clients.


A voucher’s activation code gives your client a “seat” in our Full Court Preps program, for life.


We offer wholesale packages with as few as 5 vouchers or as many as 250 vouchers.

Voucher Packages


Wholesale Price
Per Voucher

5 $70
20 $65
50 $60
100 $55
250 $50

Unlimited Profit Potential!

How It Works

  1. Fill out and submit the Licensee Application
  2. Read and sign the Licensing Agreement
  3. Pay the $99 annual Licensee fee
  4. Choose & purchase a wholesale voucher package
  1. We email you your unique voucher codes
  2. You sell the Full Court Preps to your clients
  3. After selling all your allotted vouchers at a substantial profit, purchase more vouchers


Learn more about the Full Court Preps here.  Have questions?  Email us at help @ or call 619-375-2480

How It Works

  1. Fill out and submit the LDP Licensee Application
  2. Once your application is approved, you will be emailed your bulk purchase options
  3. Choose a wholesale voucher package
  4. Purchase the package
  5. We email you your voucher code, voucher card, and marketing materials
  6. You sell the 3 Course Bundle to your customers
  7. Once you’ve sold all your allotted seats, purchase more seats


Learn more about the 3 Course Bundle here
Have questions?  Email us at help @ or call 619-792-1451

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Learn more about the 3 Course Bundle here.
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