Judicial Council Forms Online

Hi, thanks for using My Court Coach I’m Kimberlina and I’ll be your instructor as we talk about how to find judicial council forms for family law in California.

First, we’ll start with a simple Google search. You’ll type in “judicial council forms California” and search.

The first result will bring you where you need, and you’ll see that you can select a category. Find the category that applies to your situation. Under family law, you have several options. Dissolution, legal separation, and anullment is for marriages and divorces.

Parentage actions are for when a marriage is not involved, but a child is.

Motions and attachments judicial council forms online are for when a case has already been filed.

Enforcement judicial council forms online is for when you already have an order that needs to be enforced.

Interstate actions is for when multiple states are involved with the parties.

Government child support is for when the Department of Child and Family Services has filed an action on your behalf.

Summary dissolution judicial council forms online are for streamlined marriage dissolutions.

And miscellaneous.

Select any of the options that apply and click “see forms.” It’ll give you a full list of the ones that apply and you can select the PDF and it will pull up one that is available for you to download.

Speaker 1: (01:33)
This one is in Spanish. You’ll see, it has an S at the end. The same one will also be available in English. You can download the judicial council form online to your computer.