How to Find California Family Law Statutes Online

Hi, thanks for using My Court Coach. I’m Kimberlina and I’ll be your instructor as we talk about how to search through a family law code section.

First, we’ll start with an easy Google search. You can start with family law code search. You’ll want to find a reliable source. So the best one is going to ledge That is an official website with the official statutes.

You’ll see, you can go to any of the codes, particularly in this case, the family code. You can, if you know the name of your code, such as section 2210, you can go to the proper code range. If you’re looking for 2210, you’ll find it as you scroll down 2210 voidable marriage.

Now, if you actually wanted to find this another way, you can go through a text search. You can type in “child custody” and “passport” for example and see if something pops up. Select family code, and then search.

You’ll see that this has all of the items in it, child custody and passport. You can read through it. See if it’s the one you’re looking for.