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Find the Help You Need for Family Court

Hi, thanks for using My Court Coach. My name is Tate, and I’ll be your instructor as we briefly go over how to find information on this course on family court.

What you’re going to notice is in any lesson that you have, the name of the lesson will be right here at the top. This is chapter section one, lesson two Review of Judicial Council Forms.

You’ll see, there is going to be a video and some Notes and Resources in every lesson that you have.

At this time, I don’t have a video transcript for this particular lesson – in the future we should, and we will.

On the right side of your screen, you’ll see your right sidebar, which has the list of sections.

Introduction is section one, and here are the list of lessons within the section. Section one lesson one is how to find the info you need on this course, which is the lesson you’re watching right now.

And the next lesson is section one, lesson two, and you see, so on and so forth.

You’ll see the next section is emergency orders. You know that because all the lessons below emergency orders show two-dash-one or two-dash-two or two-dash-three. You can keep scrolling down until you find the section that you’re most interested in learning about and which lesson you’re interested in doing some work on your case.

Find the Help You Need on DVROs in Family Court

For example, if I want a summary of Domestic Violence Restraining Order laws, then I will go to section three, lesson one. Click on that link right there, and it will take me right to it.

So let’s try that right now. I clicked on section three, lesson one, and there you go. It takes us right to it. And you can do the same thing with every other lesson in this course.

So there you have it. I hope that helps and I wish you good luck.