Avoid the Most Common Costly Mistakes in Court!

You can’t afford to make the same mistakes everyone else makes—you have too much depending on the outcome of your court case.

This training will help you avoid disaster in the courtroom.

Why You Need This:


Review the 7 most common mistakes made by non-lawyers


See bad examples (so you know what to avoid)


See good examples (so you know what to do)


Discover what NOT to do BEFORE court, and what you SHOULD do instead.

How Our Training Helps

The top 7 mistakes most people make (but you won’t)

  • Mistake # 7: Their evidence is no good
  • Mistake # 6: Their witness doesn’t help
  • Mistake # 5: They’ve got foot-in-mouth disease
  • Mistake # 4: They’re not prepared
  • Mistake # 3: They argue too much
  • Mistake # 2: They present a weak case
  • Mistake # 1: They don’t know how to object

Training Features

Our online training program has helped people across the U.S., in all sorts of cases. It will help you too!


Easy E-Learning Format


Take One Lesson at a Time, Whenever You Want


Once You’re Ready for a New Concept, Move on to the Next


Go Back and Review Any Lesson, Any Time


Accessible on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Condensed Learning Structure Provides You With Everything You Need to Succeed…Without Any Fluff

Works for Any Type of Court Case In Any State or Jurisdiction

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Restraining Order
  • Traffic Ticket
  • Small Claims

Just $27

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work in my state?

Yes. It will help you in any court in the country.

Where else can I get the help I need?

We don’t know of any other resource like it.

Will this training really help me?

Yes. It contains information and instructions you will need to win in court.

How is the material in the course presented?

All the material is presented in both audio and text format.

Why are you doing this?

We think everyone should be able to present the best case possible in court. We help you do that.